R&D projects

The European Carbon Dioxide
Thematic Network

International Energy Agency
Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

The CO2 Capture Project
R&D project with the participation of energy companies, the EU and the US DoE

Saline Aquifer CO2 Storage - monitoring of storage in the Sleipner field
The Weyburn CO2 project
Petroleum Technology Research Center

Geological Storage of CO2
MIT Carbon Sequestration Initiative
An industrial consortium investigating carbon capture and storage technologies

The RECOPOL project

The Netherlands
European Commission - Joint Research Center
The JRC-SETRIS/ESTO prefeasibility studies of HYPOGEN and HYCOM projects of the Quick-Start Programme of the European Initiative for Growth are available.

Organizations, Institutes and Industries

Department of Energy, Carbon sequestration
Carbon sequestration activities at the US Department of Energy

National Energy Technology Laboratory
US Department of Energy Laboratory working in Carbon sequestration, among other related activities.

European Carbon dioxide Capture & Storage Laboratory Infrastructure

ZECA Corporation - formerly Zero Emission Coal Alliance. Owner and supplier of Zero-Emission Coal and Carbon solutions.
European Technology Platform on
Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants

Conferences, Symposia and other events