Chemical Looping Combustion

SP leader:

To provide entirely new combustion technology - with no contact between fuel and combustion air - featuring the inherent separation of CO2 and avoidance of nitrogen oxide formation. This chemical-looping-combustion technology (CLC) will be developed for gaseous and solid fuels and operated at atmospheric and pressurized conditions. Substantial R&D will be directed towards materials and conceptual CLC-processes. In pursuing prospective technology routes stable reactive materials at acceptable cost and reactor concepts must be developed and characterized. Especially concepts that apply CFB reactors in which the oxygen carrier is a powder will be addressed. Owing to fine particles that are prone to damage turbine blades, optional reactor concepts will be suggested in order to overcome this attrition problem. Innovative solutions are likely to have fixed bed materials, using a honeycomb structure or extruded pellets. A strategy for selecting low cost raw materials will be established, and an optimized conceptual process design will established.

CLC concept diagram
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